Mert Can Karaoğlu

Before The Microsoft Summer School

Before The Microsoft Summer School


     Hi everyone, I want to introduce myself before beginning to my essay: I am Mert Can Karaoğlu. I am studying in the department of Computer Engineering at Istanbul University. After I had finished my preperatory school (summer 2014), I wrote this essay. I began to interest in software on November 2013 in Açık Akademi. However, I had many inapprehensible points and then I decided to find their answers. So, I entered into the course in “Bilgeadam” (I don’t like the corporation) where I learnt the latest topics of .NET Platform(c#,ASP.NET,MVC,WCF,SQL, etc.). Although, the course didn’t help me about improving my knowledge, I tried to learn more by myself. When I was close to complete the course and learnt the statement of string newly, I published my website,, on 23th April.


As the first part of my essay; if you want to enter MSS, you should fill in an application form that ends in the middle of May and succeed to be 100th or at least 110th person among all competitors. To me, for entering MSS, even you can’t succeed to be 110th person, you should know the software very well and be very willing to learn everything about software because people, who interest in software, try to enter in MSS.


Microsoft Summer School will continue for a month at its office in Turkey. The school will begin on 4th August but will not finish on 29th AugustJ. In other words, we will take significant courses by precious teachers in every weekday from 4th August to 29th August. During this process, we have to finish the applications of Windows 8 or Windows Phone, and we will put them into Windows Store. Then, when we are close to finish the school, we will make presentations to various companies. (This is a perfect advantage, thanks to MSS.) According to what I have heard; the school will give another advantage different from the other years that courses will be published as a live broadcast over Açık Akademi.


Now, I want to mention about Microsoft Summer School. I haven’t gone there yet, but its office is placed behind The Bank of Garanti in Levent/ İstanbul. It has free foods and drinks except for Coca-ColaL. Also, it has various amusement places (xbox, ping pong, tae kwon do, etc.). In short, it is a place that provides you blowing of steam and so, it is not necessary to go out from there.




One of my duties is to write essays on our learnings in MSSalmost everyday over this blog. In that process, I will share many photos and videos as far as I can. I hope to make many applications and share their codes with you. See you again in the soonest time, have a nice day!

Microsoft Summer School ’13



*MSS = Microsoft Summer School

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